$100 Amazon Gift Card Winner!

After tough deliberations, we unanimously agree that Dwayne Jolly from Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates has submitted the winning Supplier Corrective Action Plan!

Congratulation to everyone who participated, there were many great submissions!  It was great to see you at the 2017 QDSW!

Winning Response:  

Problem: The resource card handouts that were created for the 2017 AATB QDSW were found to have spelling errors. The spelling errors identified were as follows:
*"Value Aded Process Improvement" - should have been "Value Added Process Improvement"
*"Infectious Disesse Testing Microbiology" - should have been "Infectious Disease Testing Microbiology"

Corrective Action: Eye and Tissue Resources staff involved with the production of these resources cards will be interviewed to help identify the error that occurred. Once the root cause has been identified, re-training will be completed with staff that are responsible for proof reading all professionally produced resource materials.
Verification of Corrective Action: All resource materials created in the future must be reviewed by a member of the Quality team before release and verification of this review must be documented.