Audit source is your #1 resource for customized audits.  


Our qualified auditors are thorough, efficient and help you get the information you need.  Our tools are in-depth and have been developed by professionals who have over 40 years of experience in the Eye, Tissue and Organ Industry.  We are here to help you assess risk, improve efficiency and quality within your organization.

We offer on-site audits and now cost-effective virtual audits. 

We specialize in the following types of audits:  

  • Internal
    • Recovery agencies
    • Processors
    • Distribution (TDI/TDS)
  • 3rd Party
    • Recovery agencies
    • Processors
    • Distribution (TDI/TDS)
    • Infectious Disease/Microbiology
    • Suppliers
      • New supplier qualification
      • Ongoing supplier qualification
  • GAP Assessments 

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