CTBS Ultimate Test Prep Course 2017!

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Comprehensive Test Preparation for the CTBS Test:
July 10 - September 25, 2017

Class Instruction:

  • Course will cover all aspects of Tissue Banking.
  • Course modules are for each subject and afford the student instruction on Tissue Banking and the application of subjects in all critical areas. 
  • Videos, presentations, detailed webinars, and live 30 minute Q&A sessions with the ability to ask question and receive answers in a timely fashion allow our students to gain Critical Knowledge in the required in 4 Major components of the CTBS examination.
  • Exclusive:  In the recovery section of the presentation, there will be a video presentation of a multi tissue recovery, including human anatomy & physiology (students will need to sign a waiver for graphic content and confidentiality)
  • Individual feedback from Subject Matter Experts with quiz feedback discussing strengths and weakness that are pertinent to their needs.


  • The resource library and extensive industry knowledge allow members the opportunity to stand out in the Tissue Industry as knowledgeable confident individuals. Reference material shared with our members can be used in daily job functions and allow them to become Subject Matter Experts in their field of choice.


  • Instructors  hold CTBS credentials and maintain a very high level of current and relevant material that we share with our members.  
  • Instructor feedback on areas guide you to prepare for the AATB examination and to become a Certified Tissue Banking Specialist.


  • The 14th edition of AATB Standards will be taught. It is HIGHLY recommended one purchases a copy from AATB. 

Follow Up:

  • 8 months of online CEUs from Eye and Tissue Resources, following the test.

Eye and Tissue Resources is an Affiliate Member with AATB and understands the importance of AATB Certification. It is our main goal to educate our members in all areas of Tissue Banking and provide on going support before, during and after you have received certification.


Each week participants will watch a video, take a pretest and then attend a question and answer session. 
The answer and question session will be at 12:00pm EST on the dates below:


Price: $1,900

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Overall Features:

  • Extensive 11-week course
  • Individualized Feedback
  • CTBS-accredited Presenters
  • 8 Month subscription to CEU's 
  • Course runs July 10 - September 25

Course Schedule:

Week of July 10, 2017 • Module 1 – Introduction Eye and Tissue Resources, AATB Standards 14th Edition
Week of July 17, 2017 • Module 2 – Intro to Tissue Banking, Certification, Re-certification, 
Webinars Week of July 24, 2017 • Module 3 – Quality Systems • Module 4 – Regulatory, Standards, HIPPA Laws
Week of July 31, 2017 • Module 5 – Informed Consent, Gifting and Authorization, DRAI • Documentation requirements
Week of August 7, 2017 • Module 6 – Donor Screening • Infectious Disease Testing Video by Dr. Michael Bauer
• Module 7 – Physical Assessment
Week of August 14, 2017 • Module 8 – Anatomy and Physiology (Allograft Applications) 
Week of August 21, 2017 • Module 9 – Aseptic Technique • RECOVERY
Week of September 4, 2017 • Module 10 – Skin Banking and Clinical Applications • Module 11 – Cardiovascular Tissue Banking and Clinical Applications
Week of September 11, 2017 • Module 12 – Processing
Week of September 18, 2017 • Module 13 – Labeling, Storage and Distribution
Week of September 25, 2017 • Practice Exam for CTBS Certification